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The Auld Alliance Fiddlers Society was born from the collaboration of three lovers of Scottish traditional music. This music is not widely represented in France today, despite the existence of the Auld Alliance dating back to 1295, which united the Scots and the French against the English invaders.

We have two missions. The first is to promote the tradition of Scottish fiddle in France. Irish music is widely practiced in France today, and we want to introduce the incredible richness of Scottish repertoire, which has been developed around the world by talented musicians. Our second mission is to make the experience as unforgettable as possible. We want this journey to be not only musical but also deeply human, by fostering connections between musicians and participants.



Xavier  HAMON


I began playing the fiddle in 2000 at the age of 17 at the Amzer Nevez cultural center after attending a concert by the Gaelic Storm group. Yes, I'm part of the "Titanic" wave too, but I embrace it :)

In 2013, my Scottish adventure began when I discovered the incredible violinists of the Boston scene on the internet: Hanneke Cassel, Katie McNally, Jenna Moynihan, and more. Luckily, Katie became my online teacher for a year and led me to participate in my first two Fiddle Camps: Boston Harbord Fiddle School (2014) and Pure Dead Brilliant (2018). Two experiences I will never forget. Since 2015, I have been sharing my passion for Scottish music by organizing workshops at Château de Goulaine. We have had the privilege of welcoming Katie McNally, Elizabeth & Ben Anderson, Jenna Moynihan & Mairi Chaimbeul, Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas, Galen Fraser, Maria San Miguel & Jesús Enrique Cuadrado, and Brittany Haas.

With the Auld Alliance Fiddlers Society, we want to continue on this path and organize the first Scottish Fiddle Camp in France. Join us on this adventure!



Julien  Arbey

Alias the IT Guy! The Ionian, the Dorian, the Phrygian, the Lydian, the Mixolydian... nothing scares him as long as he can encode information into binary.


Flore-Anne  Rooster

Alias the Duck Face! A fan of Irish music, she still doesn't realize that she joined an association for the promotion of Scottish music.

Vice President

Arnaud  Goulpeau

Alias the Enthusiast! Photographer, drone pilot, he wants to capture every moment of life. He doesn't want to miss a single bit!

Vice Secretary

Etienne  stool

Alias the Collector! Scottish music is his passion! Legend has it that he owns over 13,400 albums.

Vice Treasurer

Francis  Troffigue

Alias the Tenacious! Guitarist, banjo player, violinist, accordionist... masonry, luthiery... he wants to master it all. Nothing scares him!

Philip  Provost

Alias the Session Master! He's always there, and he's got the skills! He knows a good bunch of tunes!

LouisaAlix Bonodot

Alias Bass Clef! She does things differently, starting with owning an oversized violin.

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